Cultural activities

Discover all the cultural activities organized by the Château de Corroy.

Admission per event: €30.00 Groups of 10 or more: €25.00

Life members: Free (upon presentation of the card and for the holder)

Patrons: - 50% off (upon presentation of the card and for the holder)


High-quality country buffet (tables and chairs): €30.00 prepared by Annie Wiliquet and her team after each concert.

Performances will take place in the courtyard or inside the castle. In 2024, the buffets will feature regional specialties. Last reservation: two days in advance.

Information and reservations: performances and buffets.

Tél. : 081/ 62 69 60 (Office du Tourisme de Gembloux)

ou 081/ 63 32 32 // Fax: 081/ 63 33 75


Reservations possible by advance payment to the account

IBAN: BE13 7326 2325 2939 (BIC: CREGBEBB) of "Les Amis du Château de Corroy"

Château de 5032 Corroy-le-Château

mentioning: chosen date, X places, X buffets.

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